About Us – Electrovo repairs laptop, phone & electronic devices

Who we are

The ELECTROVO LTD Company established on year 2016 and registered with Company House company number 09956916 for purpose of providing Repair and Retail services for electronic devices such computers, TVs, mobile phones, and electronic gadgets in United Kingdom.

The purpose of services is to provide facility and grow and connect all other business for their and our profits.

Our services are strongly managed and organized by our managers. We applied the relationship between our services and members to facilitate your business in professional ways. ELECTROVO LTD Company experienced and willing to provide quality approved services for customers and other government officials.

ELECTROVO LTD Company have excellent negotiation skills. Negotiated repairs and sales for customers and major national companies. And effectively researches overseas markets and sources to provide best services.

ELECTROVO LTD Company have maintained business relationships with numerous customers and companies. ELECTROVO LTD sound marketing ability characterized by consultative sales approach and capacity to think creatively in order to satisfy customer needs and close deals. Proven commitment to long-term customer relationships and customer satisfaction and having highly effective problem-solvers, with excellent organizational skills and a history of increasing company profitability helped follow up on a problem until it is resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.

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