Samsung frontier S3 FRP Reactivation Lock removal

Finally samsung Gear S3 FRP got hacked. And there is way to reset FRP reactivation of Samsung Gear Watches. So after research on samsung gear s3 internal directories and finally the FRP got hacked.

Below is the method used for this purpose. Hope it helps you sort out your Samsung watch, if not so you can contact for repairs.

You need to have Combination files, and Firmware Files and some other files used in this methode.


Check our Video for more info and full guidance.

  1. Download the package
  2. Put your phone into Wireless download mode
  3. connect your phone with computer
  4. Open WiFi_Net_Odin, see ip should appear on the WiFi_Net_Odin
  5. Flash the Watch with Combination file
  6. Connect your watch with same wifi Connected to computer
  7. Note the IP in your watch
  8. Go to > Setting > About > Turn on the Debugging mode
  9. Open ansicon.exe
  10. Run These commands
    1. sdb connect       <- Here you need to put your IP Address of the watch
    2. sdb root on
    3. sdb push empty.bin /opt/usr/media/
    4. sdb shell dd if=/opt/usr/media/empty.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0p15
    5. All Done, FRP removed
    6. now run this command sdb shell reboot download
  11. All done.
  12. Rebote your Watch, and put it in wireless download mode
  13. Connect it to computer and use the WiFi_Net_Odin and Flass it with firmware
  14. Your phone is now fully unlocked


Also support The other models like SM-R770, SM-R760, SM-R765N, SM-R775, SM-R720, SM-R732, etc


Disclaimer: This package is Only for Educational purpose. We will not be responsible if it is used in any illegal Activities, We will not be responsible of losing your watch or its data. The all responsibility will be on you. Here we are Introducing this method for genuine watches you bought them and you are owner of it.


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