Samsung frontier S3 FRP Reactivation Lock removal

Finally Samsung Gear S3 and S2 reactivation lock got unlocked. And there is way to reset reactivation of Samsung Gear Watches. Below is the method used for this purpose. This solution will help to reactivate a locked google account of watch. You need to download a Combination , and Firmware files and some other files used for this method.


Instructions – Check video for more info:

  1. Buy and Download the related model files from this link
  2. Put your watch into Wireless download mode
  3. connect your watch with computer
  4. Open WiFi_Net_Odin, Check you can see the ip that will appear on the WiFi_Net_Odin (if not so turn your windows firewall off)
  5. Flash the Watch with Combination file
  6. Connect your watch with your local WiFi

  7. Note the IP in your watch
  8. Go to > Setting > About > Turn on the Debugging mode
  9. Open ansicon.exe ( From SDB folder)
  10. Run the related commands from Edit-IP-Run.bat into ansicon.exe as listed below: Below is a demo code and the right code will be sent to you by email.
    1. sdb connect       <- Here you need to put your IP Address of the watch
    2. sdb root on
    3. sdb push empty.bin /opt/usr/media/
    4. sdb shell dd if=/opt/usr/media/empty.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0p15
    5. sdb shell reboot download
    6. All Done, FRP removed
  11. Reboot your Watch, and put it again in to wireless download mode
  12. Connect it to computer and use the WiFi_Net_Odin and Flash it with firmware
  13. Your watch is now fully unlocked

Putting your Watch into Wireless download mode:

  1. Turn off your Samsung Gear
  2. Press and hold the Power key until REBOOTING displays at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Press the Power key repeatedly until the Select REBOOT MODE screen displays.
  4. Press the Power key to highlight ‘ Wireless Download mode’.
  5. Press and hold the Home key to select.
  6. Press two times so you get to a Screen to change to AP Mode.
  7. Press power key to change to AP Mode.
  8. Click on wifi connection on your computer and connect to your watch wifi.


  • You will need to turn your computer firewall or antivirus firewall off for connection
  • If your watch “download wireless Mode” doesn’t work so you will need to connect your watch with “Download mode”
  • The “download mode” will require a wired connection so you will need to solder some wires according to this LINK for Samsung Gear S2 and this LINK for Samsung gear S3

Supported Models:

  • SM-R600
  • SM-R360, SM-R365
  • SM-R720, SM-R730A
  • SM-R730T, SM-R730V
  • SM-R732, SM-R735T
  • SM-R760, SM-R765
  • SM-R765A
  • SM-R765N, SM-R765T
  • SM-R765V, SM-R770
  • SM-R775, SM-R775A
  • SM-R775T, SM-R775V


  • The package downloading links will be sent to your registered email address.
  • If you register or make account in website during check out so you can see your purchases in Order menu.
  • You will need to have a download manager for downloading files. If the downloaded files are corrupted or can’t be extracted so it means you have internet connection problem and you will need to download them by a download manager like IDM.
  • You will need to install a winrar software to extract the files.
  • Password of files: electrovo.co.uk

Click here to:

Guide to Connecting a Samsung Gear S2 and S3 Device Using Wi-Fi

Instruction in video for unlocking your watch and how to do it:


Disclaimer: This package is Only for Educational purpose. We will not be responsible if it is used in any illegal Activities, We will not be responsible of losing your watch or its data. The all responsibility will be on you. Here we are Introducing this method for genuine watches you bought them and you are owner of it.


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  1. Roberto Martinez

    I can’t reactivation lock: off, please help me

  2. dagarcia1084

    I purchased your sm-r760 download but it will not let me open the combination download. Can someone help me please

  3. Habib

    Hi, all files are protected by a password which is electrovo.co.uk
    And All files are zipped. You need to unzip them first. For unzipping you need to have winrar application installed.
    All files works with Microsoft windows only.
    If the files you have are not unzipping or corrupted so you need to redownload them again.

    For downloading use a download manager like IDM.

    Let us know if you need more help.

  4. Frank Johnson

    I am having the same issue with Odin not accepting the combination file. It keeps saying the binary is invalid. I have tried redownloading it and unzipping the and still no change. Please respond

    • Habib

      Hi Frank, Please redownload all files and use a download manager. Unzip them again try again.

      • Frank Johnson

        I did try that, and now once the combination file worked, while it was flashing it said it failed and the download on watch did not complete and now the watch just comes on and off repeatedly

        • Habib

          Please put your watch into download wireless mode and flash it again. If its the same so you can flash the firmware first and then flash the combination file. Also make sure your watch model is the same is the files you have. 

          Your watch can be bricked and then so If you are not able to put your watch into download wireless mode so you need to go with download mode in that case you will need to open your watch and solder 4 wires. 

  5. Israel Boxer

    Dear Mr. Habib , We received a service from you yesterday, which I can describe as amazing. For more than hour you explained to us in detail how to open the gear s3 Frontier. Your explanations were professional, courteous, focused and very helpful. Beyond that, you were immensely patient and the level of service we received from you in summary was outstanding. With respect and appreciation, Dr. Israel Boxer

  6. Diego van de Kamp

    I was able to flash my gear s3 classic r770 but I am not able to enter in the setup mode to connect to wifi. I seem to be stuck in a stand alone mode and there are very few items I can change. hope you can further help me

    • Habib

      Hi Deigo, you said you was able to flash your watch. Flash by firmware or combination file? What is the problem of your watch? are you looking for reactivation removal or firmware update?

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